Scream Baby Scream by Alicia Birch
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014
By Sandy Puc'
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Red faced, quivering little chin, tightly balled up chubby fists. She has nursed 3 times ...but she is still screaming her tiny little lungs out. You have done everything right. You've swaddled, you've rocked, and you have soothed and done everything in your power (see my top tips for happy, sleepy newborns here) to make baby happy. But still, this baby, this peaceful, sweet, newborn piece of the world’s goodness has been howling like a banshee for the past 20 minutes. Photographing babies doesn’t always go to plan.

So now what? Take heart - this happens. Not often but believe me, it does happen. Baby can't tell you what's wrong and some days you simply cannot make it right for them. Maybe baby didn't get enough sleep, or she has wind or reflux...maybe the planets didn't align for her. Whatever it is, it’s just not her day. So here is my number one tip when you have tried everything in your power and baby will not settle. A secret soooooo big it will astonish you with its’ simplicity. Send them home. Yep, send them home. There is no point continuing if baby is that upset. It just makes baby, the new mum and photographer frustrated and stressed. There is nothing wrong with sending baby home for today and rescheduling the session for a couple of days’ time. I have done this on several occasions and every time the second time around baby has been content, sleepy and happy.  Try it next time - mums get it, they don't want to see their baby upset. I have found that mums are happy to be able to come back on another day to complete their session and achieve the gorgeous newborn photographs that they have come for. 

In a Perfect World...

The funny thing is, every difficult baby I have brought back a second time seems to end up with amazing photos! Sometimes the ones you have to work hardest for are the ones that end up the best!

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