Presley Claverie: A True Hero
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Friday, May 24, 2013
By Sandy Puc
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One of our favorite clients has a special story to share. The Claverie family has a beautiful little girl named Presley. We have had the pleasure of photographing her since she was a baby, and through her recent diagnosis with cancer.

The first session was her "blessing" dress, then sitting up, walking, Halloween, first time eating a cake, her first birthday, Santa pictures, family pictures, and last but not least a newly shaved head. We have captured all the "firsts" in her life.

Recently the Claverie family was going to be in town for just two days, they called the studio knowing that normally Saturday sessions were not an option. Knowing Helen's heart when she  heard the story she agreed to be there. The session was amazing. Presley had a smile on the whole time. Helen worked her magic and a great time was had by everyone. The final super images really showed the heroes both Helen and Presley are.

Alysa shared her thoughts about the sessions and said we could share them with others.


"I'm so thankful for all these treasured photos of my daughter. I hope and pray that she does not lose this fight to cancer but if she does, I would be so sad if I hadn't taken all those picture of her. When I first saw Sandy Puc's work hanging in a friend's home, I knew I wanted nothing less. Sandy and Helen have amazing talent to really capture kids. I have never seen anything like it before. 
The people we have worked with, Helen, Cece, Tiffany were wonderful. Nothing but the best service too! I haven't seen the pictures from the last session yet, life has been so busy. Last weekend on Mother's Day, I was able to finally get all her pictures, we have been living away from home since she was diagnosed and treatment is in SLC. I just cried at all those beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for all you have done to capture the true spirit of Presley." 

If you would like to learn more about Presley's fight against cancer, visit her blog

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